Business Processes Automation

Business processes automation (BPA) can be defined as an enterprise transformation aiming to increase productivity and facilitate compliance with repetitive operations. Enterprises need automation to save a physical document that they have created and to remove the need to forward it physically from one place to another in order for business processes or approvals.

Advantages of Workflow Management System

You can electronically automate all your organizational business processes quickly, integrate these processes with your existing operational systems and so minimize human errors with Bimser’s Workflow Management System solution. This would not only reduce the costs of your process but also end unnecessary waiting or time losses in the processes and the opportunity that has been created here may reach million dollars for some processes.

You can support enterprise role definitions and ensure that processes become independent from persons after your processes become role based traceable thanks to workflow management system solution. Different from traditional operations, we handle all workflows through a process focused approach and ensure that they serve for the entire organization.

Document Management System

We know that the most important inputs/outputs of enterprise business processes are corporate documents generated within the system. The main success factor needed here is our capability to integrate these documents with organizational processes and use them accordingly. Thanks to strong integration capabilities of Bimser’s Enterprise Document Management Systems solution, you can reach these documents through the relevant processes whenever your organization needs them.

Electronic Document Management System

Today people create most of the documents not in printed form, but electronically and it has become one of our greatest problems to manage the lifecycles of these documents and information created in electronic environment. The validity of these documents and information is changing very fast due to rapidly developing technologies and therefore their accuracy can be questioned. Since Bimser’s Workflow Management System solution does also have these capabilities, it is beneficial for you in creating and managing the lifecycles of these documents.

E-Signature (Qualified Electronic Certificate – QES)

One of the most important tools of creating a document is its electronic signature support. We can take a look at electronic signature support in two steps. The first step is the electronic signature put by qualified electronic signature service providers that are accredited by the Republic of Turkey and eBA Workflow Management System supports all NES libraries. So, you can generate all legally valid documents electronically. You can also manage and monitor document creation in electronic environment too thanks to our Business Processes Automation software. This electronic signature infrastructure runs on all systems independent from the platform.

Current working conditions require lots of travel and mobile ways of doing business. As a second step and thanks to our workflow automation application, we ensure that the documents, which we have created with electronic signature, can also be created with mobile signature by using mobile devices and we can do our job when we are not at the office without changing our lifestyle.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Software

Concepts, such as robots and artificial inteligence, have become subjects that we are used to hear. When creating our corporate memory we may encounter with the fact that the data available in systems is only a pile of meaningless data. These data must be read and converted to meaningful data by computers thanks to functions, such as OCR / ICR in order to make them meaningful and be analyzed and then they must be capable to support business processes by using applications, such as artificial intelligence, etc.

Digital Archive System

Concepts such as digital archive, electronic archive or e-archive have become a part of our lives as the amount of data generated electronically is increased. However we must also digitalize existing physical data and contribute to the future of our organizations. eBA Digital Archive infrastructure ensures that these data become meaningful and makes them an important tool for decision mechanisms within business processes of the organization.

The past is the mirror of future!

The past data and experiences of an organization play an important role in taking decisions for the future. One of the most important issues after the installation of electronic archive system is who will access that history. With eBA Electronic Archive System you can ensure that such data can be accessed by only authorized persons.