Conversational AI

Conversational IVR

Offer a consistent, intuitive and conversational IVR experience

Conversational IVR is the solution for providing fast and friendly self-service to your customers. This technology uses natural language processing to enable human-like interactions with IVR systems. This means that instead of using a touch-tone menu, customers can state their questions or concerns in plain language to the system. From there, Conversational IVR can ask for more information and offer clarifying questions whenever necessary. Without being constrained to fixed menus, customers are given a natural, intuitive experience that’s just like talking to a live human.

It’s obvious to see Conversational IVR’s benefits to the customer. But in addition to increasing customer satisfaction, the technology offers a consistent omnichannel self-service experience, increases your customer service efficiency, and boosts brand perception.


Keep your customers engaged with Artificial Intelligence

Chatbot is poised as an effective, easy-to-use live chat software solution for providing high quality and intelligent self-service to customers. Powered by natural language processing and artificial intelligence, talking to Chatbot is just like speaking to a live human: it understands the intent and meaning behind users’ statements with high accuracy, answering customers’ questions with ease no matter how complex they are.

Self-service is essential to businesses that want to increase workforce optimization and provide a better customer service experience. With live chat software, you can achieve both of these goals while increasing customer loyalty, sales, and ROI.

Virtual Assistant

Intelligent and personalized conversations with customers

Virtual Assistant is always a tap or calls away, eager to help your customers with any problem they have. This automated self-service solution can be adapted and customized to meet your organization’s specific needs, offering a human-like, premier customer experience via voice or text.

Virtual Assistant enables organizations to understand and answer the needs of their customers through an intelligent conversation interface. The solution can perform various helpful tasks in a way that is meeting specific requirements of organizations and fitting in with their industry surroundings.

With the integration of Text-to-Speech, Speech Recognition and Voice Biometrics, Virtual Assistant enables organizations to develop easy-to-use intelligent applications, thus enhancing customer self-service.