Conversational Analytics

Speech and Text Analytics

Anticipate Customer Needs by Analyzing Call Data

Speech & Text Analytics offers a better way to leverage customer call data. The tool transcribes all recorded calls in their entirety, then analyzes the interactions using advanced emotion detection technology. Through data mining these transcriptions, you’ll discover actionable insights for improving your brand—and won’t ever worry about missing a detail again.

Some of the most common uses of this technology includes:

  • Call center monitoring and reporting
  • Agent performance analysis and training
  • Customer satisfaction and service quality analysis
  • Automation of quality monitoring processes
  • Crisis management
  • Competition, market and campaign feedback analysis
  • Identification of cross-sales opportunities

Agent Performance Analytics

Reinventing Performance Management

Agent Performance Analytics provides an efficient alternative to non-automated systems. This automated reporting interface generates reports on all recorded customer interactions, providing you with crucial data you can act on to better improve customer experience. The only thing you must do is customize the evaluation form to reflect your company’s needs and policies, then let the system do its magic.

Using intelligent and customizable evaluation forms, advanced call filtering systems, and a user-friendly interface, the Agent Performance Analytics system will help you reduce operational costs while improving call center optimization.

With automated quality assurance, you can boost employee perception of quality control while saving money on operational costs.

Our technology will help you provide:

  • Objective agent performance evaluation
  • Operational excellence
  • An optimized learning process with sophisticated data

Features of Agent Performance Analytics:

  • Detailed filtering options for identifying relevant content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible, adaptable, and intelligent evaluation forms
  • Rule-based interaction between evaluation form elements
  • Centralized management and comprehensive role management
  • Agent scorecards
  • Rich and easy to use reporting interface and dashboards
  • Integration with Speech Analytics
  • Integration with First Call Solution Analysis (FCR Analytics)

IVR Analytics

Discover the potential of your IVR

VR Analytics evaluates all IVR interactions to give an overview of the customer journey at this channel. Monitoring DTMF and speech-enabled IVR combined, this solution provides an invaluable tool to enhance the customer experience on IVR systems.

By using this solution, contact centers can gain essential insights into IVR completion rate, menu navigation, repeat calls, drop-offs, etc. Quality teams can see all these details through the comprehensive reporting feature of the solution.