Conversational Biometrics

Vocal Passphrase

Fast and secure ID verification

Voice is as unique as our fingerprint. It cannot be stolen, hacked, or forgotten, which is why voice biometric software is a more secure authentication method than many others.

Vocal Passphrase empowers users to verify their identity via their voice. This text-dependent voice biometrics solution requires they only say a simple passphrase to verify identity, providing a fast, effortless, and secure verification method.

Before users can do so, they will have to first enroll in the system. Enrolling is a simple process; users simply generate a voiceprint by repeating a passphrase. Once the voiceprint is made, they may authenticate by speaking the vocal passphrase.

Verification On-The-Go

Verify the caller identity during a natural conversation

Verification On-the-Go is an advanced voice biometrics tool that verifies customer identity quickly and intuitively by voice.

To use the system, callers must first enroll in the system by calling the contact center and speaking. After a customer speaks for a sufficient number of seconds, the system creates a voiceprint which will be used to authenticate them on their next call. Simply by listening to customers talk with agents, the system scores the recording’s relevance by comparing it with the previously enrolled recorded voiceprints. If the score is high enough to accept the user, the security check is passed.

The software accurately identifies the user without the need for passwords or passphrases. With text-independent voice verification, users can authenticate in seconds without a prompt.

Users don’t want to spend the time and effort dealing with frustrating security steps, but they still want to be certain their identities and data are secure. Voice biometrics software provides a smooth experience while protecting against fraud and identity theft, allowing you to prioritize customer satisfaction without sacrificing safety through voice verification. Real-time authentication offers language, accent, and content independence and integration with CRM, CTI, and workstations.

Real-time speaker verification is the perfect security solution for protecting user identities, boosting customer experience, and increasing the overall efficiency of your business.

Blacklist Identification

Effectively Fight Contact Center Fraud

Blacklist Identification is a voice biometric tool used by contact center fraud teams for fraud prevention and detection. Just like how fingerprints are used for identity verification, voice can also be used to protect against and solve the crime.

After the system records a user voiceprint, the technology automatically crosschecks every call with the blacklist database to identify fraudsters.

It marks those calls that are scored higher than the threshold score and identify listed fraudsters by their voices, comparing the captured voice with voiceprints stored in the blacklist voiceprint database. Thus, it detects fraudsters through biometric verification and triggers alarms to fraud teams.