Off-the-shelf Solutions

Robusta adapts its industry-independent solutions to all customers on a turnkey basis.

Real Estate Valuation

Robusta collects data from many public sources such as geographical data from Google Maps, legal data from governmental web pages such as cadaster, city hall, precedent price data from real estate listing web pages. Using the data collected, Robusta identifies the market value, provides the market value report in desired formats and loads them into IT systems.

Price Research for Agricultural Products

Licensed Warehousing system is introduced to finance the farmers by helping them reach financial resources without selling their products right after harvest and thus extend product lifetimes. Farmers can place their agricultural products in a licensed warehouse and receive an electronic product certificate from the Central Registry Agency in exchange. They can use loans from banks equal to the electronic product certificate’s value. Robusta collects price data from the local markets and loads it into the bank system. So that the banks can accurately calculate the collateral amount for the products.

Document Masking

Robusta solutions can be used to create relevant Personal Data Protection Law (such as KVKK in Turkey, GDPR in Europe etc.) compliant versions of documents that will be shared with third parties. It can mask certain data for privacy purposes.

Document Recognition and Classification

The documents such as ID card, receipts, health reports etc. that are sent by your customers to the call center via WhatsApp, e-mail etc. can be classified by Robusta Robotic Process Automation. It can pull the unstructured data from these documents and save them to your systems.

Oracle and SAP Enterprise Applications

Solution templates such as ready invoice and PO entries, product deliveries and employee declarations can be automatically added to automation in Oracle and SAP ERP applications.