Contact Center Analytics


Understand your customers better


Pinpoint Root Causes

Using statistical comparison tools, granular differences between top-performing agents and others can be identified instantly.

Elevate Quality Management

Script adherence, acoustic indicators, and sentimental features can be monitored automatically. So that supervisors can have full visibility of agent performance for objective feedback.

Act in Real Time

Knovvu Analytics presents real-time sentiment analysis, real-time notifications to supervisors, and real-time triggers for API actions.

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Streamline Your QM Process


Evaluate 100% of interactions

All customer-agent conversations (call, video, chat) are evaluated according to script adherence, acoustic indicators, and emotional features. So that your contact center’s performance is fully visible.

Improve agent performance

With the ability to see individual scores for every single interaction, you can support your agents with detailed feedback and train them with sample calls from your best agents.

Optimize QM Efforts

Let automation do the heavy lifting for your supervisors so they can focus on their agents. Intelligent Forms, historical scoring, and smart rule creation provide simplicity and efficiency for QM processes.

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Assist Your Agents in Real Time


Improved Customer Service

Real-time prompts help agents assist customers more effectively, leading to higher quality of service.

Proactive Resolution

Instant alerts to supervisors enable swift intervention for critical issues, preventing escalations and reducing call durations.

Simultaneous Coaching

Supervisors can provide immediate on-the-job coaching, fostering continuous improvement in representative performance.

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