Examples of business processes where you can use our Digital Workforce solutions…

Customer Service

Main topics that need attention in this area are information and technical support for your products and services, applications, membership procedures, troubleshooting reports, returning products. You can increase your customer satisfaction rate by providing a fast and high-quality experience on all these subjects with 7/24 working robots.

Finance and Accounting

Financial functions of all companies can be improved with RPA. High number of documents and capacity can slow down your human workers in many areas such as invoicing and tax transactions. However, the digital workforce platform solves these problems in a fast and error-free manner

Human Resources

Your HR team can focus more on their core functions by transferring the repetitive and time-consuming tasks ranging from recruitment to internal communications and employee management, to the robots. Tasks such as training and periodic evaluations can also be facilitated by RPA.

Information Technology

IT departments usually have a high workload with less resources especially during project periods. Robusta’s robot helpers reduce the risks while adding speed and efficiency to works such as data transfers, back-ups, batch setups, system modifications and application development.


Many sectors need new regulations on a regular basis mostly due to constant change in technology. Legal regulations bring re-designs and adaptations in the legal processes. Such intensive processes are completed in a very short time with the help of software robots and the possibility of making errors is eliminated.


In the age of digital transformation, it is a must for all institutions to optimize their business processes. Leave your time-consuming, repetitive back office processes for operational agility with Robotic Process Automation and improve the key aspects of your business.

Supply Chain

Supply chain means everything to a company whose production and distribution networks are expanding. Don’t let growth translate into more complex structures for your company. Leverage intelligent automation technologies to increase productivity and reduce human errors. All processes of the supply chain, from transportation to storage, from stock management to purchasing, can easily be optimized with RPA.

Sales & Marketing

The two areas where companies allocate the most resources in the modern age, most processes such as customer discovery, customer retention, digital media management, digital marketing reports and use of these tools can be accelerated by automation.