Robusta’s software robots can operate independent from the systems by the methods below.

Desktop Applications

Software robots that can be used in desktop applications regardless of their operating system, can be installed without any changes in the IT system and can be used without any programming knowledge.

Web Applications

From private to public, in many organizations, online systems are widely used for main business functions. Web sites provide a platform free environment just like our automation tools. And processes such as form filling, data extraction, inter-application data transfer, testing and reporting can be included in the automation in a breeze.


Applications and software platforms also have a significant share in the workload of organizations. Robusta robots can be automated for data collection and input, automated testing, integration and content. Event Management and Optical Character Reading (OCR) support offers a practical solution as well.


Once installed, Robusta robots that create their own processes by detecting the tasks. They identify tasks via the smart recording system on any device, regardless of the screen type and resolution. Since all RPA processes take place in the background, they enable simultaneous use of the systems.