Automate your standard business processes with Robusta’s advanced robots.

Robusta Modeler: An Intuitive Interface For Building Smart Robots

The Robusta RPA Modeler is a visual drag&drop environment where business analysts and developers can visually build, test and debug robots without writing any code. This powerful design tool lets designers interact with live applications as they build out a process and leverage a rich library of reusable process activities. Using the Modeler’s BPM-based interface, you can turn virtually any user activity into an automated workflow in a highly intuitive way.

Key Features

BPM based Intuitive and
visual process modeling

The ability to build and share
re-usable robot components

Powerful and visual inspector
for locating objects

Process recording facility which
allows automatic generation
of simple processes

A flexible Rule Engine where you can manage
all conditions of a process in a single Decision Table
for maximum ease of use and maintainability

Robusta Robots: Your Digital Workforce

Robusta RPA robots interact with virtually any legacy enterprise application or modern business systems, web site, portal, database, and content (e.g. PDFs, Excel, XML, Files…) Data is extracted, processed and passed between applications, websites, portals, mail systems and databases, while business rules and logic are applied throughout the workflow.

Key Features

Support for attended and
unattended robots

Flexible architecture to easily connect
to third party cognitive services

Powerful built-in OCR

Dynamic identification of UI elements
such as labels, buttons and text, as well
as their locations, from screen captures

Robots published with REST services,
which can be called from other systems
and workflow processes.

Out of the box connectivity to your
existing systems such as browser based applications,
Windows and Java applications, Oracle EBS, SAP,
MS Office, mail clients and databases

Extensive library of actions including
keyboard&mouse, Excel & dataset, text file, mail,
database, command line, PDF, clipboard and file operations

Robusta Orchestrator: A Powerful Manager For Digital Workforces Of All Sizes

Reaching the full potential of RPA with robots scaled across many parts of the organization requires centralized control over their deployment and management. The Robusta Orchestrator governs the deployment, management and monitoring of RPA operations. From the management UI, administrators can audit and monitor robot activities, schedule when robots run and publish robots with REST web service interfaces so they can be called by other enterprise applications or a workflow. Administrators also have full control over managing user roles, which Key Features allows secure, granular control over robot projects, access rights and the viewing of data.

Key Features

Granular scheduling for all your
processes and robots

Prioritization of tasks

Detailed audit and logging facilities

Flexible deployment and
management all robots

Enterprise-grade scability

Support for active-active
clustering for high availability

Advanced analytics and reporting

Extensive, role based IDM operations
functionality for managing users
and access rights