Corporate Chatbot

Simplify your work with Robusta Chatbot integrated with Robusta RPA available for training, support, advice and more.

Communication constitutes the basis and essential part of all activities in the business world. As part of the digital workforce concept, the digital workers can reduce certain communication workloads. Chat Robots (Chatbots), which provide automation in communication, offer many opportunities in every industry and field ranging from banking to retail, production to sales etc.

Chatbots, which are designed according to your needs and which can be setup quickly, form the basis of an informative approach in internal communications as well as customer interaction, increase your brand value, save time and reduce your costs.

The usage areas of Corporate Chatbot


They can give information according to preset data and rules. The information may range from your new product specification to the delivery details of the order.


Trainings that follow a specific procedure can be conducted easily. Trainees’ questions can be answered with Frequently Asked Questions plugin or using embedded context awareness feature.


Considering the needs and personal status of the applicant is essential for a good counselling session. Both cases can be evaluated by Robusta’s chatbot. In most cases, principles of the consultation can be placed on a decision tree. Thus, people can receive appropriate information and advice based on the context.

Autonomous Support

Chat robots can be used as a personal assistant as well. They can create an appointment with a location, date and time information, collect information from the internet including maps and traffic data, and add everything you need to your calendar.

Works scenario-based

Creates a communication plan

Interaction flow design

Story board that supports “If-Then” rules

Session and context management