Process, Strategy and Performance Management System

Companies that need to succeed in today’s business environment shall be prepared to face new realities. Globalization has removed country borders. Competition area is the whole world for companies… Competition actually takes place between processes of the companies rather than the companies themselves. Customers want results, employees desire competitive and rewarding business experience. Technology on the other hand, provides unparalleled opportunities that enable rapid growth. Succeeding in such an environment is only possible when companies focus on the processes as a strategic weapon. Those who cannot make their processes efficient and effective, those who cannot establish a process based management system are doomed to fall back in the competition and eventually vanish.

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Benefits provided by Ensemble Process Management System:

  • Holistic view of ongoing operations enabling quick discovery of ineffective activities
  • Documentation of works and transactions and clarifying duties and responsibilities
  • Standardization and systematizing works
  • Enabling inspection of efficiency, economy and compliance to the legislation of the works
  • Creating a better management environment
  • Increasing improvement works and providing sustainability
  • Discovering process interactions
  • Increasing service quality
  • Easy development of performance measurement system in the corporation
  • Increasing in-house communication and interaction
  • Creating an easily accessible education and knowledge base for the orientation of new employees


We see our customers as teammates.

  • Total solution
  • Strong functionality
  • Integration with corporate systems
  • Strong support
  • Short project term
  • Minimum resource
  • Minimum total acquisition cost


Let all your instruments tune in the same symphony

Corporations are like orchestras. Each department has its unique tone, its separate melody. Their sound is meaningless by themselves. It should work in harmony with all other instruments and know that it’s in an ensemble. Everyone should know when and at what stage to enter, exactly what to do and each shall act accordingly. Ensemble will enable you to gather all departments in your corporation like a maestro and direct towards a goal in harmony on a common platform. Ensemble;

    • Creates unity of goal
    • Enables definition of work flows
    • Enables focusing on internal and external customers
    • Increases the efficiency of relations within the corporation
    • Systematizes performed works
    • Assists in quickly adopting change
    • Assists in developing strategies


Easily monitor the corporation, department and individual performances through processes
  • Performance Measurement and Monitoring System is developed to define Corporate performance indicators and to monitor and report at levels such as departments, regions, product groups, processes, etc.
  • System contains an infrastructure where methods and approaches specific to the corporation can be applied to performance measurement and monitoring. Within this framework, the system can also be used to monitor and report indicators used for measuring performance of suppliers and even employees, along with the corporation performance indicators visually, qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • After defining performance indicators in the system, processes can be linked and managed, if desired. Goal, alarm, warning and realization data for performance indicators can be input in several different methods, including manual input and formulas and corporate systems.
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Place all employees to the big picture

Create duty definitions based on activities and processes, so that all employees know which duties are assigned to them in the processes. Thus clarify duties and responsibilities. Easily access, within a few clicks, to who does what job at which stage of the process.


    • Create a quick and easy orientation infrastructure by defining process and activity owners with models
    • Clarify relations between processes and the organization (dress your corporate organization on processes)
    • Create duty definitions quickly, easily and automatically through processes