Integrated Management System

  • It is a management system solution friendly to your business, developed to realize targeted quality. QDMS management systems eliminates dependency on individuals in your processes and opens the doors to becoming different and leader for you with its system approach.“Quality is not a coincidence but a result of intelligent effort”

    QDMS Integrated Management System

    • Creating corporate memory and corporate data pool
    • Modular and parametric structure
    • Multiple language support
    • Mobile device support
    • Working browser independent
    • Access from anywhere with web technology
    • Saving time
    • Creating independent work flows
    • Quick and easy commissioning
    • Undertaking routine tasks
    • Management independent from individuals
    • Adaptation to changing conditions
    • Easy to learn
    • QDMS Native Mobile App
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QDMS for quick, easy and reliable document management

  • Secure document control and quick approval mechanism
  • Documents that can be associated to each other
  • Quick search with easily classified and indexed documents
  • Controlled access to documents with authorization feature
  • Automatic distribution of documents and easy monitoring of read documents
  • Management of printed documents
  • E-mail notifications for approval, control, revision and publication phases
  • Creating master document list by the system automatically
  • Use of templates and standardization of documents
  • Dynamically association of documents with product, process and management systems
  • Monitoring manually filled and archived quality records
  • Document viewing without addons (HTML 5 Viewer)


Continuous improvement with smart customer satisfaction management

  • Management of all internal and external complaints
  • Recording, monitoring and reporting complaints in accordance with corporate procedures
  • Instantly monitoring actions regarding complaints. Notification of persons assigned with actions through the system
  • Notification of related staff and management in delayed jobs and reporting
  • Defining customer based report template and sending report to customer
  • Defining required flow and approval steps during complaint process
  • Prioritization according to risk analysis of the complaint
  • Drawing reports and charts on compliant records through the system
  • Initiating corrective preventive actions (CAPA) process from customer complaints process
  • Conducting root cause analyses
  • Categorizing and analyzing complaints
  • Evaluation of the efficiency before closing complaints
  • Sending survey to the customer on the complaint
  • Reporting compliant online times
  • Web Service support to open compliant record from outside sources


Record and efficiently manage nonconformities

  • Recording, monitoring and reporting corrective/preventive activities in accordance with corporate procedures
  • Instantly monitoring actions regarding corrective/preventive activities and automatic notification
  • Periodic notification to related staff and management in delayed jobs
  • Defining required flow and approval steps during CAPA process
  • Defining notification, inspection and result report templates
  • Customer specific Global 8 Discipline (G8D) support
  • Integration with Inspection, Customer Complaint, FMEA, Event Notification and Risk Management Modules
  • Corporation specific transaction sources, nonconformity categories and root causes definition
  • Nonconformity Reports, Pareto Analysis and Charts
  • Monitoring Corrective/Preventive activities with different criteria such as management system and process
  • Activity evaluation regarding Corrective/Preventive activities before and after closing
  • Web Service support to open Corrective/ Preventive activity record from outside sources
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Don’t leave your findings on paper

  • Initiating solution process by opening CAPA/Action for your findings
  • Monitoring action results for older inspections
  • Planning workload distribution for auditors
  • Site/store inspection with mobile devices
  • Defining inspection plans and viewing in time schedule
  • Creating dynamic questionnaires
  • Notifying inspectors and directors of the units being inspected before and after the inspection
  • Easily monitoring routine inspections and saving labor
  • Creating automatic inspection reports
  • Defining obligation to open CAPA/Action depending on different types of findings
  • Comparing with scored/unscored inspection function
  • Planning checklist template inspection
  • Remote inspection

* Leader of the industry with strong references
QDMS is the choice of leading corporations of Turkey for years